Creator Day + Weekend


Creator & Industry Day + Weekend tickets are valid on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th August 2019.

Friday hours: 11am - 6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday Hours: 11AM - 9PM

CREATOR & INDUSTRY DAY (Friday 9th August 2019)

2019 UPDATE: In previous years we have had separate Creator Day and Industry Day tickets, but have found that many attendees have interests that crossed that divide, so we have merged the tickets into a single Creator & Industry Day ticket. This means that everyone will be able to access ALL of the discussion panels and workshops that are taking place on the day!

The Summer in the City Creator & Industry Day promises to provide online content creators and industry professionals with some valuable insights into the platforms they use, and the tools that can help them turn their creativity into a career. Whether you have 100 subscribers or a million, or if you haven’t even begun yet, Creator & Industry Day will be full of useful educational workshops and panels to help you on your journey, and will be a great opportunity to network with other creators and people working in the industry.

Please be aware that this is a day for creators and industry professionals to network and learn from each other. There will be a code of behaviour in place, so we ask that you refrain from asking for autographs, photographs or in any way acting in a non-professional manner on Creator & Industry Day. Anybody seen to excessively abuse the professional policy may be asked to leave. No refunds will be made.

Please note that under 14s must be accompanied by an adult, and are expected to abide by the rules outlined above, along with everybody else.

MAIN EVENT (Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th August 2019)

Summer in the City is the UK’s Online Video Festival, bringing hundreds of content creators together for an entire weekend of fun, including:

- Live stage performances -

- Panels, Talks, Q&A Sessions and Screenings -

  • Meet and Greet opportunities
  • Merchandise
  • Networking 
  • Brand exhibitions

Each year our event brings together some of the world's top content creators for a weekend to inspire, educate and entertain, whilst also allowing you to meet people that love the same things as you.  


PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of keeping things fair for everyone, our Meet and Greets are now handled by an online ballot system. This gives everybody an equal chance of meeting a specific creator at the event through a lottery style draw for ticket holders.

More information on the ballot system and how it works can be found on our website:

There is no guarantee that you will meet a specific creator at the event, although there are many opportunities: via the scheduled meet and greets, at their merch tables, or out on the show floor.


You acknowledge that you will abide by our Terms & Conditions (linked below) and code of conduct.

Children aged 13 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. 
Children aged 5 of younger do not need a ticket to attend.

This bundle includes a ticket to Creator & Industry Day, the Main Weekend (expo hall, panel rooms, meet and greet ballot), and a discounted ticket to the evening stage shows on Saturday and Sunday.