Saturday Ticket

Saturday Ticket

Saturday Tickets are valid on Saturday 10th August 2019 ONLY

Saturday Hours: 11AM - 9PM



Summer in the City is the UK’s Online Video Festival, bringing hundreds of content creators together for an entire weekend of fun, including:

- Live stage performances

- Panels, Talks, Q&A Sessions and Screenings 

Meet and Greet opportunities

- Merchandise

- Exhibition Hall 

Each year our event brings together some of the world's top content creators for a weekend that aims to inspire, educate and entertain, whilst also allowing you to meet people that love the same things as you.

PLEASE NOTE: In the interest of keeping things fair for everyone, our Meet and Greets are now handled by an online ballot system. This gives everybody an equal chance of meeting a specific creator at the event through a lottery style draw for ticket holders.

More information on the ballot system and how it works can be found on our website:

There is no guarantee that you will meet a specific creator at the event, although there are many opportunities: via the scheduled meet and greets, at their merch tables, or out on the show floor.


You acknowledge that you will abide by our Terms & Conditions (linked below) and code of conduct.